About Optical Innovations - Your Partner in Fiber Optics


Robert Giguere is the owner of Optical Innovations, Inc. which has been in business for 20+ years.  He has worked for Bell Labs, Aerospace Corporation, Hughes Aircraft, and a couple of start-ups.  He has experience in lasers, optics, remote sensing, optical properties of materials, and fiber optics.  Bob has a Master’s degree in Electrophysics from NYU.


Senior Fiber Optics Design Engineer on Staff:

What we offer that others can’t is working with a senior optical design engineer to select the appropriate equipment that is right for your project and within your budget.  We also offer after-sales technical support including for many products no longer supported by the manufacturer.


One of The Largest Stock of Fiber Optic Equipment and Components:

Optical Innovations is a competitive source for reconditioned lightwave and RF test equipment as well as fiber optic components.  We have more than 600 pieces of test equipment and over 2,000 different fiber optic components in stock.  

 With more than 40 years combined optical experience with premier labs, we are able to help in guiding you toward making appropriate equipment selections and offer suggestions on alternate equipment/testing approaches to make the measurements you need while saving you both time and money. We specialize in doing custom equipment searches for our customers and giving them the best service possible.

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